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Mo&Friese's Animal Stories on DVD

High five!-competition SEND US YOUR FILMS!

Purely Natural In the high five!-competition young filmmakers screen their own movies.


It doesn't matter what you cherish abour nature, or what "natural" means to you, just get out the camera and show us!


You love to romp around outdoors? You even started your own vegetable-bed in the garden?


You stand up for the environment and for a green future and you are a pro when it comes to Recycling?


Or maybe you just prefer your hair without bows and your yoghurt without sugar? You just want to get rid of all the bric-a-brac alltogether and keep things simple and natural?


If you want to join our competition, you shouldn’t be older than 13 years, and you should submit a film of no more than 5 minutes by 15 March 2016. We are going to show the best submissions at the 19th Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival in 2017 on the big silver screen. The best three films will even win some prize money.


It was great...


....but as usual much to schort...



Congratulations to all the Winners and a great thanks to all the filmmakers, collegues and to the audience!!!






Watch our new Trailer!

Hold your breath!

Watch our trailer for the 17th Mo&Friese Children's Short Film Festival!



"Big Hands Oh Big Hands..." von Lei Lei

The 17th Mo&Friese Children's Short Film Festival will take place from June 7th - June 14th 2015.

We will accept submissions until the 15th of February 2015.

Please use our online submission to enter your film in order to save time and money.

You can upload your film via dropbox, or other sites the like. Further information can be found here. Or you can submit your film via reelport. In these cases a preview DVD is not necessary. Please DO NOT submit your films through Reelport and at the same time through our site.

After & Before

The Freestyle-Jury with award winner Michael Gravensen

The festival was great and as usual went by way to quick!


To have somthingto look foreward to, we just decidet on the dates for next year.

So get out your calendar. The next edition of the Mo&Friese Childres Shortfilm Festival will take place between the 7th of June and the 14th of June 2015.
We are looking foreward to see you all back here!!!



And the winners are...

...probraly as happy as we are right know.

Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 2 pm we celebrated the ending of an amazing festival week with a thunderous awards ceremony. Three prizes were handed out: the Friese-Award for films from our programmes for 4 and 6 years old ones as well as the Mo-Award for films from our programmes for 9 and 12 years old ones. Both awards were endowed with 1250 Euro each. And the Freestyle Award for films for youths, wich is endowed with 1000 Euro. You will find the winners here.



It was sold our and frankly more than packed, but the Atmosphere was magic at the opening of this years edition of the Mo&Friese Children's Short Film Festival!

Together with 350 little and big cineast we gazed at a Overheadprojector live film, performed by a schoolclass. Six gleaming shortfilms where followed by our traditional game and bricolage party!
We are looking forward to a thrilling festival week!

...bring it on!

The 16th Mo&Friese childrens shortfilm festival will take place between the 1st and the 9th of june 2014.


Filmmakers can submit their films until the 15. of February through SHORTFILM.COM or REELPORT

Films for the High Five! Competition can be submitted until the 15th of march. You can find more information here.



And the Mo&Friese Awards go to ...

Celebratorily, our children's juries have awarded the best films of the 15th Mo&Friese Children's Short Film Festival. Read here to whom we send our warmest congratulations.

Once again a HUGE thank you to all of you for making this festival week incredibly wonderful! Thanks for sharing your amazing work, thanks for coming, discussing and joining our children's short film birthday party. See you next year!

Children's films at grown-ups' hours

"Rosa, Anna's lil sis'" by Janet van den Brand, programme "Cross-Borders" for 9 years old ones


Tonight at 9.45 pm you grown-ups could finally manage to watch our children's short films! We hereby allure you and our filmmakers to the Mo&Friese LateNight in the 3001 Kino in order to wallow in cinematic light bulb moments, selected from this year's festival programmes. See you later!


(Thursday, June 6, 2013)



Welcome, world!



Mo & Friese have finished counting hours today – and we are already overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of our team, guests and visitors!

Children's Short Film Festival 2013 – starting today – at 3 pm in the Zeise Cinemas.

Dear shortfilm world, welcome to Hamburg and to our opening party.





Peep out of a dark, enthusiastic room



Tons of DVDs for the 15th Mo&Friese Children’sShortFilmFestival 2013 accompany us to our film-watching-extreme-residence where we will withdraw ourselves from the daily routine. There will be nothing else to do – except for discussing shortfilms in darkened rooms, descending in artistic worlds and once in a while going for a run through fog and grasslands. It will be intensive, productive and definitively bombastic – we are extremely curious about this year’s film discoveries!


Saying that, we want to thank the numerous filmmakers who submitted their oevres for our viewers from 4 to 14+. And hear ye, young artists up to 13 years: Only you may still submit your self-made shortfilm for the competition HIGH FIVE! until 15th March.



"HIGH FIVE!" 2013

For this year’s HIGH FIVE! competition 2013 we are looking for creative, young moviemakers who enchant us with their self-made movies. The subject is Be bold, be brave! this time.

Have you ever experienced a situation, in which you were really brave? Maybe you jumped off a 10 meter spring board at a public swimming pool even though you are afraid of heights? Or maybe you were brave enough to say “no” in a certain situation although a “yes” would have been the easy way out? Or would you like to show us a situation, in which being brave wasn’t the wisest way to be after all? However you may interpret our motto: we are really looking forward to your ideas, as a short film, a short documentary or as a cartoon/animated film.


Requirements: If you want to participate in the HIGH FIVE! competition you shouldn’t be older than 13 years and your movie should have a length of five minutes at the utmost. Please hand in your movie by the 15th March 2013. If your film manages to make it to the top 3, it will be shown at the 15th Mo&Friese Short Film Festival on a big screen and awarded with prize money.

So get hold of a camera and let your fantasy run wild! You will find everything about submitting your own film in this form

Phantasy is winning

The Animation „Things that Change. Dreams Phantasy“ made by children from Hamburg guided by Italian sound artists Andrea Martignoni and Roberto Paganelli during this years Mo&Friese Workshop „Filming the Sound“ won as Best Film category Mini in Animateka "Little Elephant Competition" in Maribor Slovenia. 

We are looking forward to continue our work with Andrea and Roberto next year and we wish you all a dreamlike and phantastic holiday!



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